8 Tasty Carbs That Can Boost Your Health in an Instant

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5. Breakfast cereal

Just like rice and pasta, there are many different types of breakfast cereal. Cereals are a quick, easy, inexpensive breakfast or snack option, so don’t take it off the table just because you have to read some labels.

You have a ton of options available on the market and it’s not that hard to pick healthier products among all the sugar-packed, marshmallow-filled varieties: just read the labels carefully and you’ll definitely have a healthier breakfast.

To make things easier for you while shopping, a great choice are whole-grain cereal products—but check the ingredient list first: It should be really short and start with a whole grain. Look for at least three grams of fiber and no more than 10 grams of sugar per serving. Once you’re home, to make it even healthier, add a tablespoon of nuts, seeds, or some Greek yogurt for extra protein.

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