Here Are the Best and the Worst Diets for Your Ticker!

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Good for Your Heart: The Mediterranean Diet

As the name suggests, the Mediterranean diet follows the eating patterns of people from the Mediterranean region, because the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is much lower there than most other parts of the world.

You’ll be eating fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, olive oil, and fish, and allows poultry, eggs, and dairy in moderation on the Mediterranean diet. Also, note that your favorite sweets and red meat should be an occasional treat.

Following this popular diet has been proven to be beneficial in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the inflammation-reducing benefits of fruits, vegetables, and unsaturated fats like olive oil.

Here’s a typical day on the Mediterranean Diet:

  • Breakfast—A vegetable omelet.
  • Lunch—Farro salad with chickpeas, vegetables, and vinaigrette.
  • Snack—Fruit with a handful of nuts.
  • Dinner—Whole-grain pasta with seafood, vegetables and olive oil and a glass of red wine.
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