26 Foods That Are Bad for Your Heart

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1. Baked Goods

Nothing is more American than apple pie and we all love a good pie or pastry but they might not be so good for not just your weight but your heart as well.

Many of us are unaware of the hidden risks in those oven-baked treats, just ask Adam Splaver. The MD, clinical cardiologist and co-founder of Nano Health Associates warns that “Baked goods have a double whammy of sugar and hidden saturated fat,” adding, “[They] generally have no nutritional value and often contain hidden saturated fat and hydrogenated shortenings, which may raise your bad cholesterol. ” Some of the hydrogenated shortenings also contain trans fats, which have been shown to raise cholesterol levels.

One 14-year study of 80,000 women, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found a positive correlation between heart disease and the consumption of foods containing trans fats.


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