12 Classic U.S. Foods That Make Foreigners Feel Disgusted

Some people are fascinated by American food, some aren’t. In this article you will find different perspectives about American food and why people from other parts of the world find them disgusting.

As you know, if you don’t grow up will a certain taste, it’s hard to find it tasty. From biscuits and gravy to corn dogs, these foods are disgusting for some foreigners. Let’s see their opinions about the American food!

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3 thoughts on “12 Classic U.S. Foods That Make Foreigners Feel Disgusted”

  1. They are NOT discussing REAL peanut butter which is JUST peanuts WITHOUT sugar.

    If they think corn on the cob is :pig food” they’re missing our on something!!

  2. I think if foreigners don’t like our food they should stay in their own country. I have been abroad and really do. It like their food!!!

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