5 Delicious Snacks Nutritionists Buy on Amazon

Whether we have busy daily schedules or not, small snacks have become a pretty important part of our lives. Right now, everybody is searching for the most nutritious (and delicious!) options on the market because, let’s be honest, sometimes bananas and apples just won’t do.

Of course, what we’re looking for is a healthy snack that feels good, gives us energy and, most importantly, is easy to get. And who would be better to recommend us the best options than nutritionists themselves?

We gathered the top snacks every RD fell in love with – and all of them are available right now on Amazon. Let’s check them out!


Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars

“These are a fun take on your traditional jerky. I love them for their protein content (around six grams per package), plus the high-quality protein used and the addition of veggies. Protein is a super important component to keeping your blood sugar levels stable and filling you up for longer, which can aid in weight loss. Also great: they’re convenient and easy to grab on the go!”


To buy: $30 for 10 bars


Raw Crunch Bars

“Easy, portable, and delicious, these snack bars provide protein and fiber, the perfect combination of macronutrients for weight loss. Plus, Raw Crunch Bars are loaded with seeds and nuts, which have the added bonus of healthy fats to help hold you over until your next meal.”

—Brooke Alpert, RD, nutritionist and author of The Sugar Detox

To buy: $30 for 12 bars


Now Real Food Crunchy Almond Clusters

“Tasty, sweet, and crunchy with a low added sugar content, these clusters are a good source of satiating fiber (three grams per serving) and energy-lasting protein (five grams per serving). Also great: the price point is better than many health-inspired, real food snack foods, especially those made with nuts.”


To buy: $12 for 9 oz


Amrita High Protein Mini Bars

“Made with simple, clean, superfood ingredients, these plant-based bars are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, non-GMO, and also made with seeds rather than nuts, so they’re ideal for people with food sensitivities or allergies. The minis pack four grams of protein while the regular-sized bars offer 15 grams each. And they’re soft and delicious. I take them along when I travel and keep one stashed in my bag if I need an on the go snack.”

—Cynthia Sass, RD, Health’s contributing nutrition editor

To buy: $13 for 8 minis;


You Love Veggies Spinach & Kale Veggie Leathers

“These ‘next gen’ leathers are made with real fruits and vegetables, so they pack a nutritional punch for a modest number of calories. This flavor, made from kale and spinach, also provides natural sugars from kiwi, banana, apple, and pineapple. With a whopping five grams of fiber and only 90 calories per serving, the chewy snack is a great way to get one-third of your daily vitamin A and nearly 10% of your daily potassium. Not to mention, they’re super easy to throw in your purse or stash in your desk drawer.”


To buy: $23 for 12-pack;

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