7 Quick Breakfast Recipes to Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms

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Getting back to eggs, this is another great way of adding protein to your body early in the day. Come and think about it, a single large egg contains more than 6 grams of protein. This gives you plenty of energy to get through any kind of day and even boosts your mood!

In order to make the meal even better, you can add avocado and any kind of veggie you like. Stay clear of sausage because it’s hard to digest and, frankly, not that healthy either.


French toast / pancakes

Perhaps the most delicious thing on the list, pancakes are a delicious option for any morning. However, remember to watch out for how much topping you add to your breakfast. Some of the top options in this case are peanut butter and, during summer, whatever fruit you like! One of the serious killers is sugary syrup, which contains plenty of unhealthy calories and gives you useless energy.

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1 thought on “7 Quick Breakfast Recipes to Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms”

  1. I have type 2 Diabetic & on insulin pump what are the best foods for me to eat & desert’s I have such a sweet tooth for sweets lol not good

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