7 Quick Breakfast Recipes to Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms


Simple as they sound, two hard-boiled eggs will reduce your risk of heart disease, as well as chances of developing an inflammatory disease. In case you’re worried about cholesterol levels, eating no more than six eggs per week will not affect them at all.

No matter if you already have diabetes or you’re at risk for getting it, eggs are a great way of feeling better.



Unsweetened oatmeal is another great breakfast staple. Aside from being easy to make, this is a very quick recipe that you can even enjoy at the workplace early in the morning. Furthermore, studies suggest that it may help decrease insulin resistance in some individuals. Add nuts or seeds, a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt, or berries to incorporate some additional food groups.



Uncooked oats, such as muesli, are another great breakfast choice. They have an added benefit, said Weisenberger. “[They] contain resistant starch, so less carbohydrate goes into the bloodstream. Also, resistant starch is good for the gut, gut bacteria, and insulin resistance.”

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  1. Richelle Luomala

    I have type 2 Diabetic & on insulin pump what are the best foods for me to eat & desert’s I have such a sweet tooth for sweets lol not good

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