8 Disgusting Ingredients Your Favorite Foods Contain

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America`s favorite alcoholic beverage contains propylene glycol and isinglass. Propylene glycol serves as an ingredient in airplane fluid, and isinglass is a substance refined from dried fish bladders. Both aid the brewing process of beer, but it is apparent that beer wouldn’t taste the same without these ingredients. While breweries are not required to disclose their ingredients, it has been proven that these substances are found in beer, and make it enjoyable for the millions who drink it.

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3 thoughts on “8 Disgusting Ingredients Your Favorite Foods Contain”

  1. Are you telling me that Yoplait yogurt has dead bugs in it. How can you be publishing this? I don’t believe it. Please explain.

    1. Hi, Donna! Actually, what we meant to say is that the red dye in some yogurts contains a distinct kind of bacteria that’s also found in a certain species of bugs. We apologize for the misunderstanding. Our advice would be to go for simple yogurts rather than the dyed ones, because they contain more chemicals. Have a great day!

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